Kindergarten Graduation Cap & Gown Portraits

SO one of the amazing perks of being a photographer, is getting to capture my own kiddo’s milestones!!!!  In addition to being a family portrait photographer, many of you may not know that I also capture preschool portraits!  (Shameless plug here… I am ALWAYS looking for more schools to capture….. so If you are interested. let me know!!!) So, for now, I have my own little model in the house, and we actually captured these portraits (like many many others) in our kitchen!

So while we do use our little girl as a model often, these photos are the real deal. Fair warning…. this post will be a little more personal than most of my photography posts!

So….we opted to start a year early, and at 4 years old, began our homeschool journey this year with Creedence.  Which means, our girl is now graduating Kindergarten!!!

Bring on the waterworks………

Kindergarten Graduation pose valedictorian

We have had an amazing time this year learning just how WE homeschool best, and getting our own groove.  She is doing INCREDIBLE, and making HUGE strides!!!  She is SO SMART.. She even graduated TOP of her CLASS!!!! (a little homeschool humor…)

Kindergarten Graduation pose books

She has already chosen her career path, and is on the move to make her DREAM COME TRUE!!!!  This future Disney Imagineer is very engineer minded, and she can problem solve like no other!  How her little mind works really blows me away!

Kindergarten Graduation pose fun facts tidbits when I grow up

To say that Creedence is very independent, and self driven, would be a massive understatement!  Two traits which (I pray) will serve her well through our homeschool journey.  She has kept us on our toes all year, and blown us away with not only her intelligence, insight, and comprehension, but also her love, compassion, and kind-hearted nature.

And how on earth could we forget her HILARIOUS Personality?!?!

Kindergarten Graduation pose diploma

Watching her grow and learn has truly been one of the most amazing blessings in my life.  Yes.. I am gushing, but I just can’t imagine life without my little sidekick.  My best friend. My heart!!!  When God made this one.. He definitely pulled out ALL of the Stops!!


Kindergarten Graduation pose valedictorian details 20

And do we possibly have a mini photog in our future??? Maybe….. This shot here ^^^ Believe it or not, she actually posed the entire thing (including all of the props) herself!! I was pretty impressed, and it reminded to stop and listen.  One of the most important things I have learned this year is that, as parents, we should always take the time to stop and really listen to our littles.  I am always surprised with how insightful she is!!!

So as we get ready to close out our first year, we look back and see how far we have come, but more importantly, we look forward to how bright her future will be!!

Kindergarten Graduation pose looking to the future

Farewell Kindergarten!!!!  We have loved EVERY SECOND of you, and we will always look back with fond memories of our first homeschool year together!!!

Kindergarten Graduation pose cap throw

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Tampa Child Photographer [Pen turns 5! Curtis Hixon ]

Can it really be?  Can Penelope really already be turning 5??? Its true!

I have had the pleasure of capturing P’s photos since she was just 1, and have so enjoyed watching her grow into the amazingly sweet little girl she is today.   For her 5th Birthday, we ventured to Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park in Tampa to capture her sweet smile!  I just Love her!

Tampa Child Photogrpher Curtis Hixon 4Tampa Child Photogrpher Curtis Hixon 6

Tampa Child Photogrpher Curtis Hixon 8Tampa Child Photogrpher Curtis Hixon 7Tampa Child Photogrpher Curtis Hixon 5Tampa Child Photogrpher Curtis Hixon 3Tampa Child Photogrpher Curtis Hixon 01Tampa Child Photogrpher Curtis Hixon 10Tampa Child Photogrpher Curtis Hixon 2

Lakeland Child Photographer [Red White & Blue Watermelon Session]

Summer Time!!!!!!  School is out, the sun is bright, and the kids are…… hungry!!! What better way to cool off than an afternoon slice of cold, fresh watermelon!

Lakeland Child Photographer red white and blue toddler girl flag handkerchief watermelon 2

This little girl LOVES her watermelon!!

Lakeland Child Photographer toddler girl watermelon

Lakeland Child Photographer red white and blue toddler girl flag handkerchief watermelon 5

Lakeland Child Photographer red white and blue toddler girl flag handkerchief watermelon red converse

Lakeland Child Photographer red white and blue toddler girl flag handkerchief watermelon 3

Lakeland Child Photographer toddler girl watermelon handkerchief

Of course, we had to take some time to capture some photos of this stylish girl rocking her converse….

and big brother and sister have to get in on the action too!!

Lakeland Child Photographer red white and blue siblings boy girl toddler flag handkerchief watermelon

One of my favorite things about being a photographer is being able to capture photos year to year, using the same props.  Here, we have used the same flag boxes to see how this sweet girl has grown over the past 2 years!

Lakeland Child Photographer red white and blue toddler girl flag handkerchief black and white

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Lakeland Child Photographer [Creedence Rayne turns 2!]


Man, does time fly!!!!  It seems just yesterday that I was taking this sweet girl of mine’s newborn photos in my kitchen.. yet here we are today just a few days past her 2nd birthday!!  Just to put it into perspective.. here is that sweet newborn photo….

newborn girl beige blush cream tutu flowers hardwoon

But enough reminiscing (and tearing up)….

We are so very lucky to have SO. MANY. AMAZING parks here in and around Lakeland to capture such gorgeous photos!  Shoots with this little one are often hit or miss (I know.. photographer’s kid, right?? lol).  But we had a great time with these 2 year old shots!!

lakeland child photographer 2 year birthday girl purple dress pink teal flower headband 2

For this shoot, we visited the very quiet Lower Green Swamp Nature Preserve.  Technically, this is a hiking and equestrian park, but as you can see, this is also a beautiful place to capture a few quick photos!

Our sweet girl is ALL girl, and we sure wanted to show this and her fun personality in this shoot!

lakeland child photographer 2 year birthday girl purple dress pink teal gold 2

The big number “2” was a simple buy from our local Hobby Lobby with a splash of acrylic paint and some stenciling.. an easy afternoon craft.

And the flower wreath headband was a mom special as well… just a few  sprigs of the specific colors to match her party invites, a bit of hot glue, floral tape, and ribbon (and patience)!  Props don’t have to be super complicated.. DIY’s are so often much easier than you may realize!!lakeland child photographer 2 year old toddler girl purple dress pink teal gold flower headband 2

This particular picture makes me think of a future bridal portrait.  I will probably print this thing and put it up at her wedding.. Fair warning!!  I know it is a long ways away.. but I also know that moment will be here before we know it.  Can we just freeze time right here please?!?!?!

lakeland child photographer toddler girl flower headband black and white 2 year old 2

One of the amazing things that I LOVE about this preserve is the GORGEOUS tall grass that photographs so beautifully.

Once we were done frolicking in the grass.. we ended off our day perfectly.. with dancing and twirling.  What you can’t see just off camera is the amazing daddy dancing along with his little girl.  Precious moments. Perfect memories…

lakeland child photographer toddler girl purple dress pink teal flower headband 2 year old tall grass dance twirl

lakeland child photographer toddler girl purple dress pink teal flower headband 2 year oldThis girl has changed our world dramatically.. and all for the better!!  Her kind heartedness and hilarious personality brings us so much joy, and we could not be more blessed to be her parents!!

lakeland child photographer toddler girl purple dress pink teal flower headband 2 year old 2

Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet Creedence Rayne!!!!

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Lakeland Child Photographer [Harvest Holler Corn Maze Fun!]


We absolutely love this time of year!!!! The Holidays are near, and what better way to kick off the season than with a fantastic Pumpkin Festival and Corn Maze?!  Today we had such a great time exploring Harvest Holler Corn Maze in Polk City.  They pride themselves on being a real life farm… opting out of the typical bouncy houses and such that you typically find at these festivals.  They want to show off a real farm experience… and let me tell you….It was the Best experience for our family!

Being a Photog. I was over the moon with the fact that they had old farm equipment and photo ops everywhere!!!  I LOVE dressing up the little one for holidays, and couldn’t resist capturing shots of her all over the farm!



Our first stop was at the pumpkin patch to check out all of the pumpkins.. Baby girl just loved trying to pick them all up and choosing her favorite one!


Then we went on a hayride where we stopped and fed the cows and horses..

Our next stop was the fantastic train ride.  Little bit absolutely LOVED this and came back into the station with a huge smile.. waving like crazy!

Finally, we stopped at the corn cribs for some fun.  She thought this was the most fun ever!


There is so much more to enjoy at Harvest Holler that we didn’t get to see it all!  There are tire swings, animals, corn hole, a country store, concessions, and of course.. the MAZE!!!  Such great family fun for all ages… we are already looking forward to our next visit to Harvest Holler!

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Tampa Child Photographer [Penelope turns 3!]

So I may be a little behind in some blog posts, but definitely didn’t want to miss this one!!!

I have been friends with Penelope’s mom for a very, very long time.. and known sweet little P since she was born.  I have had the absolute pleasure of capturing photos of this girl since her first birthday party with pink lemonade and tutus!!!

So when mom called this year and told me they wanted to capture P’s 3-year old photos at Disney… MY. FAVORITE. PLACE… to say I was ECSTATIC would be an understatement!!!

When we arrived, I got a running hug from P.. which is just a testament of her amazing little personality.  She had such a wonderful time spinning, twirling, and running up and down the boardwalk…. Even though it was at least 100 degrees outside, and we were all doing our best just to keep up!!


Oh this girl!!! she just melts my heart every time I see her.  Happy Birthday P!!  I know you bring so much joy to your mommy and daddy, and everyone you meet!

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Lakeland Child Photographer [red white and blue – pigtails and necklaces]

Celebrating Labor Day this past weekend, I thought it only appropriate to capture some backyard photos of our sweet little one showing off her best red, white, and blue.

We did actually manage to get a few quick shots of her sitting still……




and blowing kisses is now a new fav…


but , she just LOVES playing outside and had the MOST fun running away from me and peeking through the fence to see inside!


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Lakeland Child Photographer [Sweet Princess Romper]

Park Faire Photography and Lillian Kate Custom Clothing are at it again!!!  We love teaming up and showing off the fabulous clothes you can buy for your kiddo!!

We tried out this new princess romper available now.  Our sweet model loves how comfortable it is, and she is extra stylish with the halter top and ruffled bottom.  What a perfect outfit to explore the day away!!

Park Faire Photography Lillian Kate Princess Romper (12 of 30)

Park Faire Photography Lillian Kate Princess Romper (14 of 30)

Park Faire Photography Lillian Kate Princess Romper (10 of 30)

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Lakeland Child Photographer [1st Birthday Minnie Mouse Party Dress]

So…… our camp is gearing up for a big FIRST Birthday in the next couple of weeks, which for us means… photos, photos, and more PHOTOS!!!!  In searching for a sophisticated dress for my little girl who LOVES Mickey Mouse, I came across this gem from Lillian Kate Custom Clothing.  After meeting the owner over at Lillian Kate, the two of us decided to team up our baby model with her fabulous Minnie Mouse Party Dress, and boy were we just over the moon with how amazing this dress is, and how great it turned out on film!! (okay, technically not really film, but you get the idea)!

We had such a great time capturing these photos and are looking forward to working with her in the future!!

Lakeland Plant City Child Photographer - 2Lakeland Plant City Child Photographer - 1Lakeland Plant City Child Photographer - 3Lakeland Plant City Child Photographer - 4Lakeland Plant City Child Photographer - 5Lakeland Plant City Child Photographer - 6Lakeland Plant City Chld Photographer - 7Lakeland Plant City Child Photographer - 8 Lakeland Plant City Chld Photographer - 8We are so happy to partner up with Lillian Kate, and can’t wait to team up on a new project again soon!!

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Lakeland Child Photographer Cake Smash [Lily Turns 1!]

Oh What Fun it is to Turn 1!

…..And boy what fun did we have!!!  After an unexpected rain out and another re-schedule, we finally were able to capture sweet Lily’s 1 year old photos and Cake Smash!  One of my favorite hidden gems in Lakeland, Lake Parker Park, is always such a fabulous place to shoot.  Wide open fields, a beautiful path that runs along a creek and Lake, and some beautiful bridges that look like they belong somewhere up north in the mountains.. this place never disappoints! (You may even be lucky enough to catch the family of raccoons that live there)

So enough about the park.. Let’s talk about this sweet little ball of energy.. Ms. Lily!!

Lakeland Child Photographer-1

Lily was so excited for her photoshoot and just loved her balloons!!!

Lakeland Child Photographer Cake Smash 1 year old-1-8

She loved exploring the park and we had a great time running around with her!

Lakeland Child Photographer Cake Smash 1 year old-1-7Lakeland Child Photographer-1-2But the best part was yet to come…..

It’s time for a Cake Smash Baby!!!!!

Oh Boy… that first dig in……….

Lakeland Child Photographer Cake Smash 1 year old-1

Lakeland Child Photographer Cake Smash 1 year old-1-2

There is nothing like capturing a little one’s first big bite of Cake and icing.  What IS this stuff?!?!

Lakeland Child Photographer Cake Smash 1 year old-1-6Lakeland Child Photographer Cake Smash 1 year old-1-5Lakeland Child Photographer Cake Smash 1 year old-1-3

What an absolute pleasure capturing Lily’s first birthday photos and Cake Smash.  I love how mom even decided to smash the cake in Lily’s face in the end too!  Thanks Mom and Dad for bringing me along for this sweet girl’s 1st year memories… I had such an amazing time! Happy 1st Birthday Big Girl!

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