Lakeland Senior Photographer [Another Beautiful Senior – Downtown Lakeland]

How I love this time of year!!!! Seniors, and Proms, and everything that is exciting for High School!!!!  I absolutely L-O-V-E capturing Senior Moments, and Ms. Lenisha was no exception!

Lenisha wanted the urban look of a city, and we both agreed we love what Downtown Lakeland has to offer.  Tons of alleys and the railroad, and of course, everyone’s favorite – Lake Mirror 🙂

We started, believe it or not, outside of a parking garage.  As a photographer, I often like to find places that not everyone would notice as a unique backdrop for a shoot.  I loved the look of the brick and the iron bars here.. and the beauty of this tree-lined walkway was hard to beat!

Then on to the cold, and the wind in the alleys… Oh My!!!  Boy was it a WINDY day in downtown.  Poor Lenisha was wrapped in a blanket shielding herself from the elements between shots.. but once the camera was up, she turned it right back on!!  You would never know from this girl’s performance how this wind was a-whipping downtown!


and then on to.. you guessed it.. MORE Alleyways!!!  You know.. sometimes, you just stumble upon the perfect spot.. and the most AMAZING light. Well, here in this alley, there was the MOST PERFECT golden glow that just made this already beautiful Girl jump right into my lens!  I could not stop snapping away!PFP_3782PFP_3786

Finally – Our last two stops were the old train station, and the ever-amazingly beautiful (Have I mentioned how beautiful Downtown Lakeland is??) Lake Mirror.  I am in awe every time I walk this lake just how unique this place is, and am swept away by its sheer calm and beauty.



While every Senior shoot is a wonderful experience, there is nothing like exploring your hometown with a new pair of eyes.  And this gorgeous girl made Lakeland even more beautiful with her fabulous style!!!  What an absolute pleasure it was to meet and capture the gorgeous Ms. Lenisha, Senior Class of 2016.  Congrats and the Best of Luck in your future endeavors.. You will go far!!PFP_4012

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