Lakeland Child Photographer [Backyard DIY Valentines!]

Plant CIty Lakeland Tampa Photographer - 2

Its that time of year again…..Valentine’s Day!!!!  For many of us, this brings about a collective groan.. knowing that we have to rush out to the store and cross our fingers that there will still be some “good” cards left for our school-agers.

So why not take the pressure off this year, and personalize those cards????  While I may be a professional photog, I am here to let you know that these photos are SUPER easy to setup by yourself, even in your own backyard!  While I like to make my own props and even clothes and headbands, this year, I ran down to my local craft sore and hit the holiday aisle.. snatched up a few little props for under $25 and voila’! Super Cuteness abounds!!!

Now this cutie is not yet school-aged, but she has an older brother and sister who we did a similar super-easy setup for a year ago.

Don’t rule out that backyard or park down the street as an awesome quick backdrop.  This is our old ratty backyard fence, and I promise, if you saw the entire backyard, you would never believe this is where I setup almost all of my quick shots with the little one!!

Plant CIty Lakeland Tampa Photographer - 5

We hung our banner across the fence, and brought our super-cute subject out a few feet to blur out the back….

Plant CIty Lakeland Tampa Photographer - 1

Make sure you not only capture wide shots, but close ups too!!

Plant CIty Lakeland Tampa Photographer - 3and a little serious face never hurt anyone….Plant CIty Lakeland Tampa Photographer - 4

Sweet Baby feet just melt my heart!!!!

Plant CIty Lakeland Tampa Photographer - 6

Now.. check out your local photolab or online lab which will have Valentine templates to place your photos.  Print and slap a piece of candy on there for your kiddos to hand out to their friends!!!  They will be the envy of the class every time!!!

Or…. if you don’t want the hassle, but DO want personalized Valentines… You can always contact your local Professional photog to get the job done!